Voices for Hire

Nice larynx, shame about the face!

About Us...I Mean Me

I'm Steven Mittler. I've been using my voice for fun and profit for a very long time.

I started out as a telephone answering machine before such technology was widely available. Whenever my parents would come home I'd relay messages in the voices of the people who had called. 

 My vocal talents lead me to become a member of the North American Association of Ventriloquists for several years. When you can be heard at the far back of a concert hall while speaking with your mouth practically closed you know how to project. After leaving the stage I went on to a sixteen year journey through the world of radio broadcasting. One program director commented that I was, "Probably the best character voice performer in radio." At one point in time (1982) I could be heard at the same time on every radio station in Kingston, Ontario. I was live on one station and provided character voices for all of the other announcers around town.


I have studied under the following industry giants:

Mike Kirby (http://www.mikekirby.ca/)

Ellen Ray Hennessy (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0377286/)

Julie Lemieux (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julie_Lemieux)

John Stocker (http://www.johnstocker.ca)

Susan Hart


Recent voice work has included:

Video Game: Minor character for a game set for release later this year

Animation Pilot: One of the main characters for a new animated television show

Audio book narration: "How To Be An Expert Persuader...In 20 Days or Less" by Michael Lee

Past voice work has included:

* Commercials: Over 15,000 (I kid you not. I used to voice at least 5 spots a day, 6 days a week, for over 16 years. Many voice talents like putting company logos up to show who they've done work for, but I don't have room on this site for that much corporate advertising!)

* IVR: Kantar Operations, Toronto
The Operations Centre, Toronto
Goldfarb Consultants, Toronto

* Audio Books: St. Mary’s University, Halifax 30 various fiction and non-fiction

* Character Voices: various radio stations and commercials across Canada

* Emcee: Various venues and events

* Recorded Band Intros: various bands

And, as they say, much, much more!